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If you're not satisfied, we're not either  - We'll happily refund you on any of the Serenzi™ product if you're not completely happy with your purchase after a full 30 days

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All Serenzi™ are designed and manufactured under world-class quality managerment systems.

We profice a  One Year Warranty to show our commitment to our high-quality standards and for peace of mind


What are Nail Rings?


Serenzi Nail Rings cater to individuals who may have restrictions on maintaining a constant nail fashion due to work regulations, religious obligations, or engaging in hands-on activities. Offering true "on-and-off wear," Serenzi Nail Rings can be removed like traditional rings, while the press-on nail stays securely attached

Is it safe to use?


Yes, it's completely safe! Serenzi Nail Rings are designed with your safety in mind, providing a secure and gentle experience with every wea

Are the nails Included?


We have just introduced our exclusive line of press-on nails, now available for purchase as part of our exciting 

Does it hurts to your fingers?


Our nail rings are designed with your comfort in mind. They are 

How does billing work?


They are not only reusable but also designed to withstand the demands of daily activities, so you can freely incorporate our rings into your daily routine without compromise.

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